Merry Wars! is a location-based real-time, multiplayer mobile application. First download MerryWars from App Store or Google play!
After the registration choose your character – you can be HUMAN, ZOMBIE, GHOST, WEREWOLF or VAMPIRE – than you can start the fight and win battles.
Build your character skills! The stronger you are, the more chance you have for winning battles.
Boost your strength, collect items, build a team to make your caste the strongest and become a leader. Conquer locations, territories, push back the rival bloodsuckers. Transform as many enemies as you can. They will serve your tribe and your holy bloody plans!
Elixirs, terra-points, shields will assist you on your route. The Terra-points are strategically located at pubs and cafes! You can refill your life points too at these locations.

No time to waste, act immediately and have fun!